The Polsinelli|TrBK Distress Indices are licensed by Polsinelli Financial Indices, LLC to Polsinelli, P.C. for publication purposes. Summaries of any reports related to the Polsinelli|TrBK Distress Indices are also licensed to Polsinelli, P.C. for publication purposes. Sales of any reports are handled solely by Polsinelli Financial Indices, LLC, in conjunction with data provider TexHost, LLC, and not Polsinelli, P.C. Sales of bankruptcy filing data are handled solely by TexHost, LLC, operator of the bankruptcy reporting services TrollerBk.com and BankruptcyObserver.com.

The indices are research indices intended for informational and educational use only. Data is provided exclusively by the TexHost, LLC, and the Indices are prepared with assistance from CBIZ Valuation Group, LLC. As research indices, the Polsinelli|TrBK Distress Indices are subject to restatement for up to two years. Pursuant to statistical precision analyses, the bankruptcy data used to generate the Indices is calculated to be accurate to at least a +/- 6% margin of error at a 95% confidence level.

The Indices are published quarterly, generally within 45 days after the end of each calendar quarter, and are overseen by an Index Advisory Committee consisting of Bobby Guy (Polsinelli), Robert Dempsey (Polsinelli), Richard Romero (CBIZ Valuation Group, LLC), Matthew S. Shotwell, Ph.D (Vanderbilt University*), and a representative of TexHost, LLC. All publications are subject to copyright and legal protections, including patent pending. Permission to reprint the indices themselves is granted to recipients so long as appropriate attribution is given to Polsinelli|TrBK and the indices are presented in their original formats with their appropriate names.

The indices are edited by Bobby Guy and Robert Dempsey, with assistance from contributing authors Jeremy Johnson (Chapter 11 Distress Research Index) and Shanti Katona (Real Estate Distress Research Index), and members of the Corporate M&A, Real Estate, and Bankruptcy & Restructuring teams at Polsinelli PC.

For more information on the Polsinelli|TrBK Financial Indices, and for media inquiries, please contact Bobby Guy at 615-259-1511 or bguy@polsinelli.com.

The indices and the quarterly reports are available at www.distressindex.com.  To sign up for free distribution of future quarterly reports, sign up here: Distress Indices Quarterly Report.

To purchase the historical data from which the indices are computed, or for weekly notices regarding all new cases likely to meet the criteria for the indices, contact third party data provider TexHost. 

*Matthew S. Shotwell, Ph.D., is Assistant Professor, Department of Biostatistics, Vanderbilt University, and acts as an independent consultant in connection with the Polsinelli|TrBK Distress Indices.  No affiliation between the indices and Vanderbilt University is expressed or implied.